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We  are a software house building VR games and simulations that are crafted with highest care for your company to thrive

About us


We are a company specializing in creating games and simulations using Virtual Reality. We have created a number of games and applications used for leisure and business as well as education.


We are MagicVR, a software house with an office located in a lovely city of thousand bridges – Wrocław, Poland. We are a team of Virtual Reality enthusiasts, who strive to deliver well crafted VR solutions for business and education. We believe that Virtual Reality is the new black and will change how we perceive the world around us.

Why VR?

According to BI Intelligence, Virtual Reality (VR) is expected to develop fast as worldwide VR spending is expected to double throughout the next four years. 

This growth is not the only reason to choose Virtual Reality, as many technology experts claim that Virtual Reality is bound to be the next big technological revolution, probably even as big as the Internet.

With the hardware prices falling down, VR is getting started to be recognized not as a mere gimmick but as an advanced tool with vast applicabilities (e.g. industrial simulations & training, prototying, educational & promotional apps or games) in numerous branches of business or education. 


Virtual Reality simulator
Virtual Reality for education
Virtual Reality training app
Virtual Reality game
Virtual Reality prototyping

Engagement models

Full development

Let us handle whole development process. We will not only build the project for you but also help you design the best VR experience

Extend your team

Suitable for clients, who have a dev team of their own but are seeking to extend a team with key VR specialists to enrich the final product

Get your project estimated

We will  estimate the project’s development time and cost in three easy steps. And it’s completely free! 

We receive your estimation request

We collect all necessary information to start the estimation process.

Our team gets to estimating

Developers and managers gather to estimate the time and cost of the project’s development.

You receive a mail with an estimation

You will receive a mail with an approximate cost and the time needed to develop the project.